Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 1-10

Mermay has passed, and I decided to pretty much go freeform for the remainder of my art challenge year. Partly due to an upcoming trip, I decided that if I am going to follow a theme, it would be some Disney animation fanart.

I started June following that pattern, generally following the chronological appearances of the Classic Five (or Six if you count Daisy Duck as I did). Part of the reason I chose to start with the classic shorts characters is because I would be out of town and not have access to my whole collection. Since most of the classic group and a predecessor came from the black and white era, that worked out great. Eventually, I did get to color.

 I started with the first star for Walt Disney, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. I've come to really like the character since I heard his history, and I was able to get a DVD collection of the found Disney 12. Oswald really is pretty endearing. So, first honors go to him.

 Next would be Mickey Mouse. For the rest of the group I was able to follow a pattern of their chronological appearances and drew upon the shorts they starred in. Mickey's picture draws upon his first cartoon, which is actually "Plane Crazy," not "Steamboat Willie," at least production wise. Here is the Mouse in his plane from the short.

 Next is Minnie Mouse. I could have drawn from "Plane Crazy" like I did for Mickey, but I decided to play with the pattern a bit and go with one of the next ones, which is "Steamboat Willie."

 I also skipped a short for Pluto; he first technically appeared as one of the bloodhounds from "Chain Gang," but I didn't much care for how the dogs looked in that one, and it was hard to find a good pose to reference that captured Pluto for me. I opted to go with his next appearance, which is "The Picnic," where is he Minne's dog "Rover," but he has already started to look more like the Pluto the Dog we're familiar with.

 Next up is probably my fave of the Classic Five/Six, Goofy. Well, this is his first appearance from "Mickey's Revue" where he was called "Dippy Dawg." You may know that he doesn't become the Goof we know until later shorts. Here he is beginning his infamous laugh at the show, to the annoyance of the rest of the audience.

 Our penultimate character is the duck with a temper, Donald Duck from "The Wise Little Hen." And it's the first one that is in color!

 And the last character for the list is Daisy Duck from the short "Don Donald." I love her already apparent sass in the short. I kinda had to go with one her first poses from the start of the short.

While I intended to go straight to some of the feature films, I got a bit intimidating. I was planning to draw Snow White and the Evil Queen/Hag from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (separate drawings), but I have been feeling rusty with drawing more accurately human characters. That is something I will need to work on as I go forward over the next couple of months if I want to resume the theme. So, the next two are simpler images.

And the last image of this batch comes back to the start. By chance I'd found a video on YouTube from the Disney Parks channel on how to draw Oswald. I pretty much did the rough sketch along with the video before filling in the lines and darks with a black Copic.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017

Mermay Days 1-28

Mermay is a monthly drawing theme created by artist/animator Tom Bancroft. It first got started last year, and it has become an annual thing. I knew that Mermay was one themed month I wanted to participate in (the other would be Inktober).

I didn't scan these until recently partly because the first two weeks were the end of the semester, which is already a crunch time. And I never made it the time to scan until now. So, here are all the Mermay pics up to now. I opted to go with a single marker color for this month to help keep things relatively simple.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Drawing 22-30 (Daily Markers 285-293)

Another April Drawing has come to a close. This last week was pretty fun.

 Day 22: draw fire. I chose to do a simple candle, and I used some references to get the appearance. A dark background might have helped the effect, but I think it turned out all right.

 Day 23: draw cold atmosphere. A winter lake beneath some mountains.

 Day 24: draw warm atmosphere. In contrast, here's a desert road.

 Day 25: draw liquid (ex. blood, paint). I had in mind a puddle of watercolor paint.

Day 26: use your fav colors. I really like these three colors, B16, B18, and Y08. I probably could have used more colors since the blank white skin makes her look even creepier than I intended. And I'm so rusty at drawing people.

 Day 27: choose three markers blindly, AGAIN! Another drawing with random colors. This time I drew some variations on seaweed and used BG60, BG11, and YR16. For random colors, these went quite well together.

 Day 28: use only colors that end with number 7. For this piece I drew inspiration from starfish. The hardest part was doing the rocks; because I could only use markers that ended in 7, the grays I used blend into each other a bit and the linework is obscured.

Day 29: use cheap markers (prefer non-alcohol ones). I drew a Portuguese man-o'-war for the non-alcohol marker piece. This was a really interesting challenge because I've spent most of the year getting used to alcohol-based markers, namely Copics, and then I had to use a completely different kind. The challenge suggested using non-alcohol markers, so I opted to go with the washable markers that are meant for kids. I got a set of Crayola Super Tips, and boy are the results streaky. I think this is largely because of the paper I used; the Bristol paper probably didn't take the ink the way Crayola intended. I did buy some Crayola paper, and while they aren't on par with the blending I get with Copics, the Crayolas did blend a bit better on the brand paper than the Bristol. Not having a brush tip did not help.

Day 30: do again the challenge piece you were least satisfied with and then compare the two pieces. I wanted to Day 26 again. I did not like how I left her skin blank, which made her look pretty ghastly; also, there was nothing in the prompt that indicated I could only use three colors. So, here are the same colors plus E33 for the skin. Also, I think the drawing is stronger than the original.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April Drawing 16-21 (Daily Markers 279-284)

Well into the second to third week of April Drawing. I admit these were a bit more rushed and not as polished as I would like. A bit more experimentation that didn't go as planned.

 Day 16: draw something metallic. I opted to draw a mug I have. I would like to do more studies of surfaces so I can render them better.

 Day 17: make space/cosmos. An attempt at drawing a galaxy. I tried to use the ABS airbrush system, but I realized after the fact I'd hooked up the air can incorrectly, hence why the attempts at airbrushing the black (and using the marker itself) looks so shoddy.

 Day 18: use colored paper (non white). I used some warm paper in a sketchbook I've had for a while to do a dogfish, which is related to sharks. It's a challenge to use markers on colored paper because some colors don't show up and merely darken the page, while others look different compared to white paper. Another thing to play with more.

 Day 19: draw stone/crystal.

 Day 20: draw fur. An attempt at a furry rabbit. Much more splotchy than I'd intended. I used some colorless blender to add some texture and a colored pencil to add more fur direction.

Day 21: draw water. A puddle.