Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fan/Gift Art Walkthrough: Secret Santas

I love creating fan art, and I don't do it enough. I also enjoy creating art for others, which is why I've frequently taken part in fandom secret-santa exchanges, mostly in Portal and Slayers fandoms. This time around, I approached them a little differently.

Normally, when I do a piece of art, I draw it all on one sheet of paper, pretty much going straight through on it. The downsides of that method is loosing the original sketches and being harder to correct if there are errors. This time I opted to use my lightbox and do the final pieces on fresh pages.

Both drawing were drawn on the back of some manga paper that I had, about 10"x14", to avoid the guidelines. As you can see below, I drew the rough lines for each picture in red and blue erasable color pencils.

I then inked each piece on a clean piece. For the Slayers image, I stopped at inking with Copic multiliners. For the overall piece, I drew inspiration at the recipient's request for "Netflix and chill," a more literal interpretation, and Candyland. My idea is that the gang found a visual archive while searching for some treasure and artifacts and have been bingeing on some history vids for the last day or so, only to be surprised by some twist that everyone, except for Gourry, was not expecting. The Candyland ref comes in the form of the figure in the "video." Guess who it is.

For the Portal image, I pushed on to coloring it in Photoshop. I really wanted to make it clear that poor GLaDoS was covered in Christmas lights, which I couldn't pull off in black and white. It really gets across the ridiculousness of the situation.