Saturday, March 15, 2014

Working on Digital

It's been a while since I've posted here. Most of my art has shifted over to my Tumblr blog, which is where I'll post most of the work for the Daily Sketch Challenge artwork and finished pieces. But I'd like to continue to use this blog as a place to document in more detail my artistic growth, including my personal frustrations and inspirations.

This currently includes working on overcoming my block when it comes to doing art digitally. I have used digital tools for years for coloring and adjustments, but I have never made the leap to drawing and really painting on the computer. Hell, I'm still working on learning this stuff in traditional media. Trying to learn both traditional and digital at the same time is probably asking for trouble. But I am really tired of not taking advantage of the tools I have, namely the strengths that come from using art software such as Photoshop and Manga Studio. To help with this, I've started some self study and some lessons over at the Chris Oatley Academy (as in just started getting familiar with the site and community, not even doing the first assignment yet).

FYI, the below are pretty much on my own and are not a reflection of any of the lessons at the Academy. These were attempts at just getting used to drawing on the tablet.

 Pretty bad aren't they? But someone has to start somewhere. The greatest problem I have, be it traditional or digital, is where to start. What should I practice? Should I work on portraits? What about landscapes? Anatomy? Perspective? Tone and value? Master studies? Still life? Too many options to choose from!

I have a lot of resources to choose from, both self study and with the Oatley Academy coursework. I will get a handle on this. I will do studies and I will apply what I learn to personal work. I will get better, and I will get past my block when it comes to digital.