Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Sketchbook, Same Goals

There's something special about starting a new sketchbook. I'm pretty sure many artists feel the same way. Maybe it's the anticipation of starting fresh, or the possibilities of future drawings that will go in it.

The first page of the new sketchbook, Oct. 24, 2015.
Each sketchbook seems like the start of something, so I know I tend to treat it as a big deal. I tend to start one with a promise to fill it up with as many drawings of all kinds as quickly as possible. I admit I tend to take forever to do so, with the last page usually dated almost a year or more later than the first, depending in part on the sketchbook type and the time frame. I keep trying not to take such a long time, but the challenge with learning art is that you have to practice, and practice isn't always that fun. We know we need to do it, but we often don't. I know I tend to do the minimum, just enough to say that I drew for that day. But that attitude is not going to help anyone. Doing the minimum means not pushing yourself, not doing the in-depth studies you know you need to do, not putting in the focused study that will help you grow.

So new sketchbooks have the promise of that dedication, that desire to do more and get better. And maybe this time, you'll put in the real effort.

So here I am, coming back to this little blog to resume the practice and the sharing. I like to share my detailed thoughts, and my Tumblr doesn't seem to lean too much for introspection, or I don't want it to. Expect more thumbnails, drafts, and ramblings: I like to share my thoughts on this whole art process.