Monday, May 19, 2008

skulls and fanfic 'art

A study of some photos in Mark Simon's Facial Expressions of a skull.

And a WIP of a scene from Firefury Amahira's Indemnification series. This is the Danny Phantom fanfic I mentioned last time, and it's one of the few fanfics I read in general. I really like this series, and look forward impatiently to each new chapter. Go check it out at
"Pheh, no time like the present, is there?" Dan declared, oozing sarcasm as he yanked on the medallion, breaking the ribbon holding it around his throat. His expression softened just a bit as he took the two strides needed to cross the room to where Sam was standing.
"What are you-" Sam backed up a step as the tall ghost leaned over, grinning with something not quite malevolent, but not exactly friendly either.
"Thank you for your assistance." Dan declared in a low, almost ominous tone right by the goth's ear. "And since I doubt we'll meet again-"
Sam's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates when she felt cold lips brush ever-so-briefly against her cheek in the most fleeting of kisses. She felt her face turn red-hot with shocked embarrassment, and almost didn't hear the dull thunk of the medallion hitting the floor. By the time she had finished sputtering in shock, Dan was already gone.

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