Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Somewhere That's Green" Walkthrough

Today's entry is a walkthrough of a piece of fanart I did for the fan community Club-Tutu's January contest. The theme, Broadway Musicals. Briefly, entrants had to take an existing musical (Broadway or off-Broadway, only requirement it be based on a live theater production), and show how it would look with the cast of Princess Tutu as the actors. After toying with a list of musicals that would be easily recognizable and fun (which I plan to return to in the future), I settled on Little Shop of Horrors, and quickly turned to using Rue and Autor for the starring roles.

I had to work out which scenes I wanted to do that included Audrey II in the scene, and while the play does have a lot of scenes with Seymour and Audrey interacting in front of Twoee, I wanted one with punch. The reprise of "Somewhere that's Green" seemed best. Below are the initial rough pen sketches I did to design the pair and set up the scene. A rare case of first sketch coming out best.

After that, I moved to the rough pencils. Followed by the inks (not shown). I fine tuned the look of Audrey II thanks to some photos I found online, and figured out the vines. I think Audrey II pretty much makes the image. Autor, as usual, drove me nuts. Rue wasn't much trouble.

And below is the final piece, colored in PS CS3. The coloring of raven!Audrey II is based on the raven flowers evil!Mytho created to tempt Freya in episode 16, "The Maiden's Prayer," which were a kind of purple-pink.

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