Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Artist at 14

While my mother was going through some boxes that have been cluttering the house, she pulled a few items for my brother and me to go through. As I went through the box set aside, I found a large yellow sketchpad, and I was pleased to see it was one of my old sketchbooks, specifically from when I was around fourteen years old. Then I looked through it and realized how bad my art was then. There are a few pieces in it that indicate promise, but I had not really learned how to loosen up with the pencil, nor things like proportion and applied perspective. Below is a sample of pages I decided to scan and share, mostly to show how far I actually have come.

The first are some drawings I did of shoes and other stuff lying around. I think they were done with a Sharpie.

I feel pretty certain these were drawn either in one of the few times I've had an honest to goodness drawing class, or inspired by exercises in it.

Hoo, boy. My attempts to draw Pocahontas, and a few attempts to adapt the lessons from a Walter Foster how-to-draw book of the film to Elisa Maza from Gargoyles. I actually remember trying to draw this page, sitting in front of the TV and trying to draw her. 

Attempts at drawing dragons.

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