Friday, October 5, 2012

Shyir and Amala Rev

I'm a pretty moderate fangirl, and I don't tend to do all that much artwork for the series I really like. I want to do more, but you can probably tell which series have hit me the most by the amount of fanart I do for them. Green Lantern: the Animates Series is one of those rare series. It took a while for me to let myself get into it, but even from the first couple of episodes it was inevitable I would fall for it. It takes a lot for you to fondly remember a character that was (spoilers, but this was in the movie/first episode!) set up pretty much to die. But the fandom and I really liked the character of Shyir Rev and his family. He's the first Green Lantern of the Forgotten Zone that we get to know, and his actions have an effect on Hal, Kilowog, and Razer. A great, warm character with not that much fanart of him.

Below are my attempts to rectify that, even if it's only a little. I started with some studies from the paused video (at the time, I only had my digital copy, so no screencaps that way). Shyir and his species are tricky to draw.

 I then moved on to the picture proper. I'd had the idea, one of a couple, really, for months, so not much time was spent on planning. And the image is pretty straightforward. Amala is tending her father's minor cuts and bruises with loving, youthful exuberance. I started with blue pencil roughs, first of Shyir, then I put in Amala.

 The final picture was inked with a Maru pen nib and FW Artists Acrylic ink. The Maru was used because I started with the intent of finer lines, but that didn't last long. This was my first time really using FW acrylic ink, and it worked very well overall. The only draw back is how often I had to clean my nib and brush because the ink would dry a little on both and build up, preventing the nib from flowing well and the brush got a little stiff. Nothing pen cleaner or water didn't fix up.

I scanned it in, evened out the black, and below is the final picture.

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