Saturday, October 10, 2009

April Drawing in October and Eyes

Yes, the title is right. It seems to be a recurring activity: community events that take place in one month will sometimes have an encore event later in the months, usually about six months away. So the April Drawing community is having an encore going on right now. This has been pretty successful for me; I've only missed one day so far. Here is a sampling of drawings I've done so far this month, not counting the ones I did that related to the PT exchange image that I discussed last entry.

Firstly, I have started doing something that I haven't really been doing lately, which is drawing from reference. A number of my pictures this month have been relatively brief studies from magazine pictures or ads. Hopefully, things will get better as I do more from them. Working on drawing clothes a bit more, how they hang on the body.

Next is a pic of my steampunk fairy tale character, mostly post events that I had playing in my head for Dragon*Con 2009, as well as a couple of challenges I decided to act on. The first is to draw an anthro or furry, something I rarely ever do. That one turned out okay, in my opinion. It's a sorta self-portrait as a caracal. The second challenge was to draw it only with pencils; no erasing anything. She's supposed to be a Victorian woman sitting. I think it's very eh.

Lastly, a series of eye studies, copied from instructional material by Bridgman, Leveille, Peck, and Barrett. I was simply in the mood to draw eyes after I saw that my attempt at a siren design was rather pitiful.

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