Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching up on the last month

It's been a while since I last updated, so here's a sampling of the stuff I've been drawing since the last update, with a bit of random process for one piece I did. Very messy course of events.

First, I did this image in PS to practice working digitally, something I don't do all that much and definitely not from scratch, no scanned art work. It was timed at about 45 minutes. I give it an okay.

Below are various Overhill related images. Beginning with some fox studies to get an idea of how to draw Fionn for the upcoming pages; then some very off model sketches of Mullein and Tsuba and a larger version of a doodle that just worked; a more polished sketch of the two.

Lastly, I was working on a gift for Princess Tutu LJ community's gift exchange for the 7th anniversary of Princess Tutu. My giftee wanted fanart, and I initially latched onto her very clear fondness for evil!Mytho with pretty much anyone, specifically with Rue. I was going for an emotional piece, trying to get across evil!Mytho's malice and Rue's growing regret and conflict about what is happening. Also, how no matter what relationship evil!Mytho is involved in, it was not going to be healthy one. The approach was partially inspired by "Dangerous Game" from Jekyll and Hyde. Only I couldn't quite get it to work.

I began with this sketch, done at Dragon*Con, and I pretty much stayed with it for most of my attempts.

I followed up with some sketches of Rue and moved quickly to attempting some more compositions, tests of facial expressions. These led to the image of Rue below. She turned out well, but I could not for the life of me get Mytho to work in the piece. I realized I was focusing so much on Rue's expression that she had pretty much taken over the piece. That, and Mytho is a pain to draw. I tried a few more sketches based off of the videos on YouTube and attempted a few more tries, but nothing was working.

Since the initial idea was not going to work; time to change approach. Thankfully, my giftee also wanted a pic of Femio and Lilie, a crack pairing that has grown in popularity over the last year. I kept the idea very simple, and came up with the images below. Final version colored in Copic markers.


ElfGrove Studio said...

I love the Fionn studies. I cannot draw animals half so well as you. I can see where you're working on the bow, I look forward to seeing that. 9With you reworking the prologue, I should re-do the chapter title art.)

I still adore the Mullein/Tsuba interaction sketches. So. Very. THEM. Also, they may be a bit off model, but the facial studies in the Mullein sketches are very expressive, I like.

It's too bad the Rue/evil!Mytho piece didn't cooperate. I liked the concept. The Femio/Lilie is sweet though.

Michelle Johnson said...

Reworking? Not really, just finishing the prologue.

I do plan to do the Rue/evil!Mytho at some point.