Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Drawing: Days 13 and 15

I did draw for days 9-11, but they were mostly sketches and scratch work. I have missed two days, which isn't too bad, all things considered.

Day 13: This was my birthday, a rather laid back affair. I got the inspiration for this piece from an episode of Nova about the history of the telescope.

Day 15: I've got progress for this one. The idea came from today's prompt over at the April Drawing LJ community: Draw a superhero. This could be an existing one or an original character. As it happens, I occasionally get really interested in a piece of entertainment, and this time I'm interested in DC Comics' Power Girl. She's just so much fun and I like characters who have fun and don't take themselves too seriously.

I started with a quick pen sketch done during my office hours while waiting for my students to show up. The pose is pretty simple and straight forward, and captured what I intended to do. I used it for the basis of the polished drawing.

The messy messy drawing. I am a messy artist, preferring to get things down and then refine, especially if it's going to on to being inked. Because I usually go to a lightbox and a clean piece of paper, the drawing can be this messy so long as they aren't too dark. Then I go over with a softer lead to make the final lines stand out.

Final inks. Done with Copic SP Multiliners. I like them, but I need to work on using them and probably play around with the brushpen because the biggest drawback of them is the lack of line variety you get with the multiliners. I like getting some variety with smoothness. I got that here, but had to do it with multiple strokes and my hand isn't all that steady. Need to ink more.

I'll probably color this tomorrow.

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