Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Remainder of January and Thoughts

It's the last day (night) of January, and I made it! I got through the first 31 days, and I have 31 drawings to show for it. Admittedly, I didn't get all of my days, but more on that later. First the drawings, then the thoughts over the month and for the future of the challenge.

So, how'd it go?
The month started out fine, although there was a rough spot in the last week due to activities. I actually missed five days, and had to double up on the remaining three or four days to get 31 pictures. Part of it was just being kept busy until it was too late to draw and get a good night's rest, getting over a cold, and just plain laziness. I think it went well overall, missed days aside. I think there has been some growth, but not as much as I'd like.
The big thing I learned, or re-learned, is it's better to have a plan. Don't wait for inspiration, work at it. I honestly think my best pieces, the previously posted Don Quixote and the above Egyptian gods, turned out as well as they did because I actually thought about what I wanted early enough to do some planning, studies, and take my time.
I also ran smack into my tendency to do the minimum needed, which I touched on in my last post. I did not do as many reference studies or drawings from life, which would help a lot. I could at least have done studies of guys from photos and it, mixed with the text from Loomis's Drawing the Heads and Hands, could have made my guys look more and more like guys, or at least have stronger, more solid heads.
And I'm still as inconsistent as ever. I literally drew the three Robins on the same night. Damian was the first and the strongest of the three, then something went wrong with Tim, and sorta came back for Dick. Something else I need to work on.
Hopefully, I'll take what I've learned from January and make February an improvement. I also feel a few of the pieces are worth taking to a more finished stage, so I'll come back to them soon.

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