Sunday, August 14, 2016

Marker Challenge: Days 25-33

I'm still doing the fanart based on logos, badges, and emblems. I intended to do a set of pokeball-based images, but I decided to switch over to other emblems and badges for a while. I got the first of the three I intend to do finished, and I'll probably come back to do the other two at a later time.

The below image is collection of my top six fave poké balls from the series. They include the classic poké ball, followed by the great ball, ultra ball, repeat ball, quick ball, and timer ball.

Actually, before I did the poké balls, I drew a shout out to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the Capsule Corp logo. This logo is actually one of the first images I wanted to draw for the current theme.

After the Capsule Corp badge and the poké balls, I went pretty much with super heroes and villains. The current set comes pretty much from DC Comics, but I will try to branch out to more companies and franchises in the future.

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