Saturday, November 19, 2016

Huevember: Days 1-18

Inktober finished with October, and for a while I wasn't sure what to do next. The nice things about challenges is how it saves you the trouble of coming up with the basic idea of what to do. Yes, you need to figure out the execution of "fast" or "warrior witch," but it's a starting point.

I came across Huevember a few days from the end of October, so I had time to start shifting approaches. The challenge with this one is that it gives a color, but what to draw is still up to the artist. The artist isn't limited to the specific color, the value and saturation can be altered, but the hue does need to be prominent. For the most part, with the exception of a couple at the very start, I've tried to keep the hue the focus by using greys to supplement the main color. A minor thing to note is that I did get my colors a little off for the first two or three days; I wasn't using the main Huevember chart for reference but a slightly different one, which meant I started more green than the actual chart indicated. I got back on track by Day Four or Five.

Original creature

A close-up of Aya from Green Lantern: the Animated Series

A Bellsprout from Pokemon

A yellow-brick road from the Wizard of Oz. Silver shoes means novel version.

I started approaching the figures, mostly fanart, with the goal of doing simple silhouettes or main body or clothing colors. I started this with Jasper, and I adhere to it most frequently for the Sailor Senshi images. A few characters don't work all that well as pure silhouettes, or I felt missed something if I didn't draw the features, like Wander later.
Jasper from Steven Universe

Sailor Venus

Wander from Wander Over Yonder

This is one of the handful of original pieces that I did this month. This is an imaginary desert landscape.

Sailor Mars

Ruby from Steven Universe

A flower based off a hyacinth

Garnet from Steven Universe 
Sailor Saturn

Princess Amethyst of Gemworld

Kate Bishop "Hawkeye"

Clint Barton "Hawkeye"

A flower based off a morning glory

A popplio from Pokemon Sun and Moon, my current starter
As you can see, I've been able to keep up the daily marker challenge to 129 drawings. Not bad. Here's to finishing the month and keeping the drawings coming.

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