Saturday, November 19, 2016

Inktober 2016: Days 22-31

Sorry for the delay in posting. October had finished but I never made time to scan the images, amongst other things going on this semester. If you were following my Tumblr art blog, you saw them there each day.

But here are the remaining images from this year's Inktober. I was success in both completing the month and for continuing my daily marker challenge. I will post what I've done so far for November in the next post.

Warrior witch

I wanted to have a parallel to the solar witch I'd done earlier in that both are dancing their respective worship.
Lunar witch

I put more effort into this insect witch. I wanted to include a number of insects and to try to use more hatching and crosshatching. The hatching is most apparent in the beekeeping veil with its "embroidered" insects on the netting, with some hatching in the insect bodies.
Insect witch

Farm witch

A return to the candy witch in the form of a baking witch

Punk witch


Ghost witch

And I ended the month with a return to my seasonal witch and her familiar. This is the only other picture during Inktober that I did with many colors instead of the various greys.

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