Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pokecember: 1-18

Ah, December. The end of the year. I'm rather impressed with how the last few months have gone. I've managed to crack 150+ images this month with my daily marker drawings. This time I used the prompt list from Pokécember, which I got from here. I decided it would be fun to go through my favorite pokémon and continue developing my techniques.

For this month's drawings, I did more pieces that started with markers applied with no inked line down, just the color pencil sketches as a base. Not all of the pieces were done this way, but many were. I think when I approach the drawings without lines I tend to be more painterly, even I don't always do that much rendering. You can see the results below, and I'll explain a bit for each pokémon.

 1. Fave normal type: Stoutland. Most of the pokémon on this list are ones that I've played with in current or past games. That's the case with Stoutland. I tend to go with pokémon that are special types, but something about this dog just made me like it, so I kept it to the end of the main story.

This was drawn with the markers first, then I went back with my pens, in this case the brown/sepia ones.

 2. Fave water: Greninja. For the longest time I never had a favorite species in the game series. Then came X/Y and I fell for this frog-line. Greninja is, hands down, my fave pokémon in addition to my fave water type. Kinda mucked up the coloring a little.

 3. Fave grass: Servine. I actually don't use that many grass types because I try to balance with my water starter, so grass types never got much of a focus for me. I did play with a Snivy at the start of a second copy I had, but didn't get far in that game. I do like the look of Servine.

 4. Fave fire: Delphox. Another exception from the played group. I had the starter as a trade from an NPC, but never got far with it. That said, hello! Flaming fire witch pokémon! Alluding to being a magic user! Of course I'd like it even I don't go with fire starters.

 5. Fave electric: Luxray. I usually go with an electric in my main group, and I liked this electric type.

 6. Fave flying: Fearow. Going classic with this evolved form of Spearow.

 7. Fave ground: Golurk. Again, don't use ground that frequently, but I loved the idea of having a golem with psychic typing. Also, I found it fun that it could learn the HM Fly.

 8. Fave fighting: Gurdur. Not much to say. I just liked using Gurdur as my fighting pokemon.

 9. Fave psychic: Sigilith. I enjoyed using this psychic-flying type. Another one I used until the end of the story mode.
 10. Fave bug: Leavanny. Aside from Greninja, Leavanny is probably my favorite pokémon, and I've probably drawn this one the most. It just has a pleasing color scheme. I really liked this bug-grass type, and I liked the idea of a tailor and a very parental pokémon.

 11. Fave ghost type: Shuppet. I didn't play with this one for very long, but I liked it.

 12. Fave poison: Toxicroak. I liked having a poison type combined with a solid fighting type.

 13. Fave rock: Gigalith. Another fave on my respective game's team. I do like how the picture for this one came out. The use of the white gel pen helps to add tot he edges of the picture.

 14. Fave ice: Cryogonal. I enjoyed playing with this ice-type but I did not have as much fun drawing it. As you can see, I stopped part way through the picture, pretty much stopping after the "face" was down. Cryogonal is a giant frickin' snowflake, which means a lot of geometry. It was getting complicated to draw, hence the ink lines going off the main part of the piece. While I am disappointed that I didn't go further with it, I am pleased with how well the main part of the 'mon went, and I like how I got the eyes and other spots done.

15. Fave dragon: Dragonair. I've loved the design of this 'mon since the first generation. I'm still annoyed that it goes from cute snake-like designs of its first two evolutions and then becomes a conventional chubby dragon.

 16. Fave steel: Honedge. Another one that is a personal favorite of mine, the entire Honedge line is just wonderful.

 17. Fave dark: Malamar. A dark-psychic, upside-down squid that you have to turn the DS upside down to evolve.
18. Fave fairy: Florgeos. I liked this one, and it fit with the French-inspired locations of XY. I went with the yellow version because I'm pretty sure that's the one I  used when I played the game; that, or blue. It's such a pretty diva.

That's it so far. Only 13 days left to go for this month.

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