Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pokecember: 25-31

It's the last day of both the year and Pokécember. It's been a pretty good year for Pokémon, from the overall 20th anniversary (did you grab as many mythical pokémon from the giveways as you could?) to Pokémon Go to Sun and Moon. I am glad to use this month's challenge to try out a few things with my Copic markers. And now, to wrap up the year of drawings, here are the last seven days' of Pokécember drawings.

 25. Fave Generation Trainer (24): XY. It was the first game where you could customize your character, which I was so happy to have. I could change the appearance and the clothes, which makes the player character more like me. I also really enjoyed the Pokémon and setting for this game, especially Poke Amie. Glad to have both customization and a slightly modified version of Amie back in Sun and Moon.

 26. Fave Trainer Class: Pokemon Ranger. If I was an actual person in the pokémon world, I'd probably be a Ranger. I opted to go with the XY design because, again, I just really like the design of the rangers in that game. The uniforms look nice and I would wear it.
 27. Fave Rival: Blue/Gary Oak. Going classic with this one.

 28. Fave Gym Leader: Lenora from Black/White. The first gym leader of the game, but I liked her a lot.

29: Fave E4 Member: Siebold. I really liked the Elite Four members of XY, so it was a tough call which one I wanted to be my fave, but Siebold one out this time. He's a chef and a water user.

30: Fave Evil Team: Team Rocket. Again, going with the classics. Even now, 20 years later, everyone knows who Team Rocket is. Opted to go with the game's version and not the more familiar team of Jesse, James, and Meowth from the show because I wanted to homage the classic game grunts.

31: 20th Anniversary Moment. I opted to go with celebrating the overall game's anniversary. I had a couple memories I was tempted to use, but I don't know if I could get them across in the available space. But I can say that the reference used was the Pokémon Red cartridge I held onto over the years. I'm pretty sure I started with Blue, but kept the Red cartridge from my second attempt at the game.  So, what's better to celebrate the 20th anniversary than referencing one of the games that started it all?

And that's it for this month and this year. I'm rather pleased with the progress I've made over the last half of the year with my daily marker challenge, as well as my larger goal to draw something everyday (462 days strong!). I hope to keep both streaks going for the next year. I want to do larger and more polished pieces, as well as get back to the basics to strengthen my overall skills. I'll continue to work with markers as well as try to do more digital and watercolor/gauche paintings. And, if I can get my act together, I want to get to do some comics, probably short ones first followed with getting to an ongoing story. It'll take work, but I want to do what I can to add to the world what positive things I can.

Happy new year! May it be a creative and positive one!

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