Monday, March 1, 2010

"Drosselmeyer" Walkthrough

Just a walkthrough of piece of fanart done to illustrate a prompt for Club-Tutu over at DeviantArt. It's a character spotlight, and the first character we're looking at is Drosselmeyer. I wanted to do a piece that showed off how cruel he can be, but never directly, and how much he enjoys seeing people suffer. I had done some more advanced thumbnails, but I ignored them and went with a very simple close-up of Drosselmeyer doing the bad guy steepled hands.

It went pretty easily. I simply looked at some designs materials I had on my computer and went from there. The hardest part was figuring out how to do the hands. Quick Google search and search on dA found nothing. Thank gods for a webcam; if you can't find it, make it.

First rough pencil sketch

Inks (Copic multiliner)

Finished colors (PS CS3)

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