Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Portrait Class and Disney Princess #2

Got two pieces to show this time. The first is my first attempt at a portrait from the portrait drawing class I'm taking part in. This was what I got done over 20 minutes; we took a break and I decided to start fresh with a new sheet. Yeah, didn't get too far with the second one, I'm afraid. Still, I think I was off to a good start.

Next is the second of my Disney Princess ACEOs, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Not the greatest, and I don't mind. This one was also suggested to me by an online friend from the CA.org forums, BlackSpot. I think we're in agreement that Aurora is not a fave of the princesses. I mean, c'mon! She knows nothing about Maleficent and she doesn't even prick her finger on her own! (You could argue that she did, but my view of the evidence is she's zoned out)

Not as pleased as I am with Jasmine, but okay overall. As you'll note, went with her Briar Rose outfit. Why? Because the ballgown is overused, and this goes for all the princesses. So don't expect any of them to be in the ballgowns or princessy outfits.

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