Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nanomango '10: Maleen Character Design pt. 1

It's been slow, but there has been some work towards designing the various elements for my attempt at this summer's Nanomango. At this stage, it's designing everything, which has been rather frustrating to me in the past. I'm terrible at designing characters, at pretty much every aspect of them. But you only get better by working at it, so there's that. And these images with my thumbnails of possible costume ideas.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about character design, and design in general, is how hard it is to get the ideas to flow. These two pages of thumbnails were done sporadically over a handful of days. It doesn't feel like they took much work. One would think ideas would come easily, but they don't, even when you're keeping the details to a minimum so you can come up with more things. Still, there are the beginnings of some good ideas in these, and will use a few of them for some of Maleen's outfits either as is (with detailing, naturally) or with some modifications and mix and match of a few.

In the meantime, moving on to the physical details of her head. Have to come up with a good, expressive design.

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