Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nanomango '10: Story

I'll be taking part in Nanomango, something I've attempted before and have had mixed results. In the past, I've done original stories, usually working on Overhill, but this time I'll be doing a different approach. Taking a clue from the concept art walkthrough book, The Skillful Huntsman, I decided to base it on an existing story, a fairy tale to be exact. I wanted to do a story that isn't that well known and would offer enough story to cover 30 pages. After reading a few fairy tales, I eventually settled on Grimms' "Maid Maleen".

Today, I finally sat down and worked on getting the story pacing and outlining the general pages. In a slight departure from how I normally plan for comics, the thumbnails were dropped and general plot points were indicated for the story. This happened because I have yet to come up with how everything will look.

We'll see how it goes, and over the next couple of weeks until June starts, I'll be working on said designs. Should be interesting.

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