Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finishing Off March

Whoo! March is finished! Here are the last drawings of the month, and my thoughts about it.

March has been an interesting challenge. With the exception of a handful of days, most of the drawings have been from observation, something I rarely do and wish I did more of because actually seeing the subject provides a lot of information that drawing upon a shaky memory or idea of the same item cannot provide. I actually went outside my comfort zone a bit by attempting more pieces that include value instead of relying solely on line to render the form. There was also the use of toned paper, which included one of my favorite pieces in the month, and some playing around with markers. There were attempts at texture.

All in all, was it a success? Not completely. I missed a number of days and had to double up on later days to make up for it. But I think I learned a little from the challenge. The only downside is I did not get as much work completed in addition to the theme related drawings. I'm going to get more of a balance between the challenge pieces and other pieces for the next month. It should be fun because next month is animals.

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