Friday, March 23, 2012

March 21, 22, and 23

Violets, orchids, and fictional plants.

Okay, these last two are different for two reasons. One, I got tired of doing studies of real plants and wanted to do some fictional plants, so they differ in that they're from works of fiction. The Black Mercy from DC Comics and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horror, respectively.

Second, they're in color. Not monotone color pencil/col-erase line art, but deliberately rendered colored pieces. I don't play with color all that much, kind of intimidated by it. But I got it into my head to do these pieces as color, so I went for it.

Reminded me why I don't use color pencils all that much. The medium is fine, and I want to play with it some more. It's just the damn things can be so fragile. I hate when the pencil lead is broken inside the casing. A reasonably whole pencil quickly goes to a stub in no time.

At any rate, rendering of shadows and smoothness aside, I like the pieces.

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