Thursday, March 1, 2012

First March Drawing: Fruit

And now March has started. I have a feeling this month will be different from the last two months because of the nature of the theme. Just like the last two months, I'll focus on one general subject. While the last two months, men and women, were subjects I'm relatively comfortable with (although something that can constantly need improvement), this month will be something I don't think I've really tackled in a long time. This month is plants, and that's not something I've spent much time on. Remember, I went to college initially to be a zoologist. Yes, I had a couple of botany classes and enjoyed them, but I haven't focused on plants very much since then. Which is really a shame because plants are actually rather interesting. And they add so much to both scientific illustration and a creative pieces.

So, this one is going to diverge a lot from the previous ones in approach. The last two months were exercises in creativity more than anything else. This month will be more analytical and learning in nature. More observational than the previous months, be it from in person or from photos. I expect there will be a few imaginative pieces in the days ahead, but mostly from observation. And it will probably help my growth in other areas and subjects.

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