Sunday, September 18, 2016

Marker Challenge: Days 67 and 68

Decided to round out the Sailor Senshi group by doing these last two pieces, one for Sailor Chibi Moon and one for Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn. These were the first two pieces using a new sketchpad, a Strathmore Artist Tile format using the bristol paper. I'm still getting used to this paper type. It does moderately well with blending and doesn't have much bleed. I'll see how well the paper does over the next dozen or so images.

One thing I like about the second image, the one of Sailors Pluto and Saturn's wands, was how I was able to salvage it. Namely, I messed up with the background at first. I wanted to go for a starry background from the start, and I tried for a streaked background with a number of colors, but I did not use them in a way that would blend seamlessly. Those first colors had too much difference in values. I then grabbed a dark purple marker and went over the first background, and that helped to blend the background. I think the final version is pretty decent, and the white gel pen stars helped sell the piece.

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