Saturday, October 22, 2016

Inktober 2016: Days 1-21

It's October, which means it's also time for Inktober again. I decided I was going to try for it, and I would use the 31 Witches prompt list from Tumblr user Ochibrochi. While I am trying to focus on use of ink, with a focus on texture and line techniques, I am still continuing my daily marker challenge. Below are the first three weeks of drawings, so days 81-101 of my marker challenge.

I began the month with a seasonal witch, in this case autumn. I used brown multiliners for most of the inking, except the shadowy familiar.
Seasonal witch

The rest of the month largely draws upon the black and grey pens and uses the four kinds of greys offered by Copic makers (cool, warm, neutral, and toner), although I do occasionally use colored ink pens such as brown or blue. Captions are provided for each image, since I'm responding to the prompt list.
Urban witch

Vagabond/merchant witch

Garden witch
 I rather like my approach to the socialite witch, such as the flying paparazzi camera eyeballs. I do want to redraw it because I wanted something more elegant and fashionable for the witch.
Socialite witch
 The oracle witch below is one of my attempts to use the whole card and a lot more use of the markers to get across effects.
Oracle witch

Seamstress/tailor witch
I am pleased with the results and approach for the blood witch prompt. The main idea behind my approach was that blood witches and magic are usually seen as evil and dangerous. But blood magic is at the core using blood as the source of magic, whether the magic user's or someone else's. I figured, who said it had to be evil magic? Wouldn't a blood mage be a great healer? I am also pleased with my attempt to use a little cross-hatching in transitioning from the solid black to the white of the blood magic.
Blood witch

Lolita witch

Wicked witch
 The next two were a bit weak in my opinion in approach and execution. There is barely any marker use in the first two, and the linework is pretty simple. I want to redo the solar witch to get across the dancer and worship aspect that I had in mind but couldn't execute at the time.
Solar witch

Candy witch

Pixie sprite
 My space witch is another image I really enjoyed the result of. I liked the idea a witch with a space-jet broom and doing technical work on space stations.
Space witch

Royal witch



Music witch

Technology witch

I had quite a bit of fun approaching the mermaid witch. I drew a little bit on Ursula's lair from Disney's The Little Mermaid and the viewing bubble. I used the Copic blender to help highlight some of the scales on the tail.
Mermaid witch

Potion witch
There's still another ten days left for the month. I want to try using more line weights to get more dynamic feels to the final images. I do tend to use only a couple of the pens, so they can feel pretty similar and dead. Let's work on that.

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