Sunday, April 23, 2017

April Drawing 16-21 (Daily Markers 279-284)

Well into the second to third week of April Drawing. I admit these were a bit more rushed and not as polished as I would like. A bit more experimentation that didn't go as planned.

 Day 16: draw something metallic. I opted to draw a mug I have. I would like to do more studies of surfaces so I can render them better.

 Day 17: make space/cosmos. An attempt at drawing a galaxy. I tried to use the ABS airbrush system, but I realized after the fact I'd hooked up the air can incorrectly, hence why the attempts at airbrushing the black (and using the marker itself) looks so shoddy.

 Day 18: use colored paper (non white). I used some warm paper in a sketchbook I've had for a while to do a dogfish, which is related to sharks. It's a challenge to use markers on colored paper because some colors don't show up and merely darken the page, while others look different compared to white paper. Another thing to play with more.

 Day 19: draw stone/crystal.

 Day 20: draw fur. An attempt at a furry rabbit. Much more splotchy than I'd intended. I used some colorless blender to add some texture and a colored pencil to add more fur direction.

Day 21: draw water. A puddle.

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