Sunday, April 16, 2017

April Drawing: Daily Markers 271-278

Second week of April Drawing, days 271-278 for the daily marker drawings, and still going strong. This week saw further movement away from the marine theme of the first week, and it looks like that this may be the end of that theme for now.

 Day 8: choose blindly two colors. These were chose chosen blindly, and while they were complimentary colors (good because complimentaries work well together), they had to be the boldest and most garish of contrasts you could get. Such blinding colors! Anyway, the picture is based on a triggerfish.

 Day 9: use only 00, 000, and 0000 markers. In Copic's coloring system, 00s are usually the lightest color in each color family and are usually pretty pale. Over time, the company has added 000s and 0000s to some of the families because there are times people really want to go even paler and lighter than the original 00s (some artists will even create paler color mixes because all you need is the color ink and a lot of colorless blender, so I'd imagine there are some really pale custom colors out there). This was a pretty pale picture, but "pale" can be relative. This flying fish may use light colors, but it harmonizes pretty well and looks pretty nice.

 Day 10: color skin without using any E, R, or YR colors. Many, if not most or all, artists use combinations of certain Es, Rs, and YRs because they fall in the ranges for human skin colors. One could probably create a very human looking skin tones without them, but I opted to do a mermaid (yep, that's a merMAID). I chose to keep the pale colors I'd pulled from the previous day's challenge.

 Day 11: redraw one of your old Copic works. I chose to redraw the sun witch from Inktober 2016, mostly because it just barely counts as a Copic image (no color was applied, but it was drawn with Copic multiliners). I opted to do a mid-range image and use colors for this version.

 Day 12: shade white clothing without using any gray tones. One does not need to use gray to shade white; pretty much any pale or appropriate saturation color will do. I used a light blue to attempt to shade the dress. More volume and form knowledge (and fashion) would help this one.
 Day 13: color ombre hair or clothing. I had to look up "ombre"; it pretty much means "gradation." I forgot it was supposed to be clothing, so let's pretend it's a cord or ribbon.

 Day 14: use at least 10 colors. A lineless drawing of an area of sea floor.

Day 15: use only markers. No lineart. Once again I used sea jellies for the piece. No lineart at all, not even a preliminary sketch. Jellies work well with that approach. Used three RV markers for the piece.

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