Saturday, April 8, 2017

Daily Markers 264-270: April Drawing 1-7

April rolls around again, which means it's time for another round of the April Drawing Challenge. The daily challenge is now almost a norm for me, but I still enjoy participating in the prompts for the community or doing my own thing; either way, I like sharing my art with others who are doing the challenge for improvement, fun, or both.

A marine theme kinda happened for this week, and I plan to keep with it as much as I can. However, I am also using the artist Sadyna's 30-day marker challenge, and some of them are meant for human or humanoid subjects (like clothes). I'm rather pleased with what I've come up with for the first week.

 Day 1: Use only one color. I started with a drawing of a Siamese fighting/Betta fish. I drew inspiration from the tradition in the April Drawing community to draw fish (based on French pun about April Fools' and fish). The only color used was V06.

 Day 2: Choose blindly three colors. I started with the drawing first, and I drew inspiration from the many different kinds of sea slugs or nudibranchs in real life. This one was from imagination. The colors were blindly chose by mom: B02, E74, and R37.

 Day 3: Use only gray tones. I drew this tiger shark using only warm grays for the shark and cool grays for the background.

 Day 4: Use complementary colors. I could use any kind of complementary combination, but I was thinking of how pleasant an earlier drawing of sea jelly/jellyfish was, so I went with oranges (Y and YR) for the sponges and B24 for the sea around it.

 Day 5: Use only markers' wide tip end. This is a scaly foot gastropod, a kind of sea snail. I might come back to this one because I wanted to get a more chiseled or scaly appearance for the scales on the foot.

 Day 6: Use only one color family. Inspired by an image I found (but not based on it), I decided to draw a pink seahorse, so the color family I chose was RV.

Day 7: Use markers that end with number 3. These jellyfish were drawn while I was out of town, so I wanted to keep it relatively simple. But I did attempt to draw two kinds of sea jellies. These were all drawn with markers that ended in 3 (ex. RV23 or YG13). A pretty good end for the first week of drawings.

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